Monkeys and Dolls

This is me being 5 years old on the 25th December 1979.

The day before Santa Clause gave me the monkey "Tim" and the black doll "Lisa" which could cry real tears when the arm was put down.

How proud was I being a new Mom to those lovely friends of mine. My father always told us that our toys will be awake once we are alseep and so I took good care of them especially when they were lying next to me in my bed and I made sure they were covered with my blanket so they would not be cold in the night.

I remember one day my monkey lost his eye. I cried and cried and my Mother did all she could to stop my tears. But she succeded only when she was sitting down next to me and glued the eye back at place. So my little friend could see again and all was good.

Fortunately I have never lost a doll or toy though I must admit I don't know where the monkey is now... I have all other toys still here, so in case you find it, you know where it belongs!

Fröken Skicklig is having a Giveaway for one participant to join her Online Course in January. So in case you would like to win, go here and tell your story of a lost doll - if you have been one of the poor kids who have lost one...

Even if I might not have the best story for a loss of a toy I still like the memories and the photo which I had on my mind when I was reading Julianes Post this morning.

Have a great weekend!