First snow has arrived

It has snowed yesterday, early this year... last weekend we were sitting at the table in T-Shirts and enjoy the warm October sun.

Our "scary" pumpkin... designed by the little ones. 
Next year we have chosen a design which is really spooky...

Enjoy the season with warm tea, storys to read and playing 
games with the whole family.


Click - Clack

                                                                            Foto ©KatyTricot

Time to knit a new hat for the tall girl. 
Remember the beret I knitted two years ago? Even if it is still worn by the girl very often, it is not covering the ears anymore. 
Not the best thing when the mornings are crisp if you ask me. 
Looking for a new pattern I found this at Etsy. 
Katy Tricot has some beautiful patterns, don't you think? 

So I will go and buy some wool today, the girl shall choose the colour and I will start knitting. 
Fingers crossed the result will be as beautiful as Katys.

So the sound of the needles will carry me through the evenings.

Whatever you're up to, have fun!


I was looking at...

Even if it sometimes seems as if one of those faces is looking back from the mirror - it is not a recent photo of me.

Here's a small selection of things I enjoyed looking at in this year... more to come.

xx Nina



We were collecting Chestnuts the other day. Chestnuts in a new surrounding. 
We adjust to new faces, new sounds, new situations as September became a month of change for us. 

Schoolgirl came to a totally unknown school, kindergarden boy entered a new kindergarden, without sister and familiar faces, Mommy also gets to known to new people - even had to get a new haircut, you know the saying, a change in life makes a women want to change her hairstyle as well? It's true. Will I stick to the haircut? Nope. Daddy needs no time to adjust, he feels home wherever the four of us are together, what a gift. 

So after a month of changes, October will be a month of welcoming the New... it will be a good one, don't you think?

Take care and remember to be open for changes.