Frohe Weihnachten - Merry Christmas 2011

May you all have a merry Christmas
a happy and healthy new year 2012!

See you then,


Wärmflaschen - Hot Water Bottles by Fröken Skicklig

My dear Friend Juliane from Fröken Skicklig made the last
Hot Water Bottles for this year...

Go and get them at her shop...


Warmth - hot water bottle

My dear talented and very creative friend Juliane gave me a hot water bottle for Christmas two years ago - filled with lavender - and I am always happy whenever I fill it with hot water and the scent of lavender is filling the room or my bed.

Me being hopelessly uncreative I just borrowed her idea and made a hot water bottle for a little friend who is visiting us over new year. Attached to it is a rocking horse - of course filled with lavender. I still have plenty of it in case you need some, sweetheart....


06. Dezember 2011

Saint Nicolas was here.
And of course he left a lot of mud behind (because he has to walk through the woods) and for sure you'll find angels glitter (golden dust) all around, because if you don't you can't be sure it was him...

This year he brought Klompen because he knows I always liked them and they are easier to clean and there is more space for tangerines, nuts and golden dimes - enough excuses?
One pair for the boy (with a Christmas tree) and one for the girl (with a star).

Have a happy day all of you!



Season greetings!

I love the season - happy 1st of Advent -
hope you all have a great time!

Take care


Willkommen Jahr 2011!
Welcome year 2011!

This year I will reduce my time for my blog even more - call it a lack of creativity - thank you for visiting anyway!

Take care!